A more recent picture of Katie at the Georgia state soccer championships in 2009, where they lost to the champs..
Projects underway at the log workshop at the Ridge..
We have four grandchildren, who live in Georgia and Tennessee and visit us in Durham and at the Ridge, where they hike, build projects, play games, bake things, and generally have a good time.
Early Photos of Grandkids
Larson and Andrew, goofing off (with Grandpa's hats) on the front porch of the camping cabin at the Ridge.
A favorite (if now old) picture of Katie the bug-collector.
A favorite (if now old) picture of Kyle..
Label design for a DVD of Kyle and Katie's activities in Atlanta in 2008.
All four on the front porch at the Ridge-- the one picture that particular day when no one was really cutting up.
Larson playing hall hockey at our Durham home.
Andrew and Larson participating in football and soccer.
                 But they have been growing like weeds
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