The paths carved in the side of Carver Mountain by the cows presents an interesting array of shadows in the late afternoon, but there is never a cow there at that time.
The mountains are calling . . .
The Ridge
Part of our land straddles the ridge in the middle of the picture, which is looking north--the power easement comes  over the hill between our house and the shop.
.the ridge
Our mountain home at Chestnut Ridge, 3200 feet elevation, outside Sylva, North Carolina, is part of our 33 acres in the Nantahala National Forest in the southern Appalachians, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park west of Asheville. It is a four-hour drive from Durham on Interstate 40.
Sunset on storm clouds
over Carver Mountain.

Our home at over 3300 feet on Chestnut Ridge.
Karen made the sidewalk from fireplace bricks from an old tobacco barn that we moved from Durham.
The wall of the dining room has pictures of wildflowers, taken on our property.
Fog is not an unusual sight in the woods, here next to the house.
.the ridge
Sylva is the closest town (about five miles) and is the county seat of Jackson County, with a historic and beautiful courthouse overlooking Main Street.
This tractor path up overthe south slope of the ridge leads to the building site of the sweet potato barn, a restoration project.
Looking south to Georgia (about forty miles), from our land on Laurel Ridge next to the Duvals.
The fireplace is one of the coziest places in the house on a cold evening, especially if it  is snowing outside in the winter months.
Julie and Derek have started clearing their land and have put in a driveway to the top of the hill that has a spectacular view south (see above).
Click on this recent picture of the sweet potato house to see more pictures of other buildings at the Ridge.